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The Circus Siren Pod


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Who We Are

The Circus Siren Pod is a group of professional water artists that offer far more than your average mermaid show. We have mermaids, mermen, models, bubble artists and even a fire-breathing water sprite on staff. Based out of Mid-Atlantic region, Circus Siren Pod members have performed across the country and even internationally. From the beaches of Hawaii, to the Aquariums of New York, to the resorts of Jamaica, they bring a magical show to audiences of all ages.

Mermaid Tami of Circus Siren Pod


"They were super open to some of our weirder concepts and the only improvement that comes to mind would be for them to live in my backyard, but I think I'd need to have a better set up before I asked for that!!!!
It was 100% worth the costs, super fun, and I cannot wait until my next opportunity to do this or other things with them again."

Valerie Foos, 2020

"This has been, easily, one of the BEST photography experiences I've had in a long while and it's largely due to the wonderful experience Circus Siren Pod was able to provide for us."

Eric Fortner, 2020

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